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Strikers Developmental Academy

​Registration is closed for the Fall 2023 season.

The Strikers Developmental Academy is a program for players and families who want to experience a hybrid model of Strikers FC training and participate in the Rec League.  

Players will participate in the Sandpoint Rec League with a practice and a game weekly. These players will be placed on an Academy Rec League team, with coaches Julie Pitre and Whitney Reichold (they coach Rec League and Strikers).

They will also train twice weekly with a Strikers coach and other like-minded players who want to gain more skills.

Additionally, there will be opportunities to play during the Winter season at our Strikers Indoor Arena on a turf field.

The curriculum for the program is designed to provide technical information of basic skills in a fun and engaging environment.  Players will learn techniques for dribbling with all parts of the foot, passing, receiving, and shooting.  Players should be able to receive coaching and sustain attention while still having fun and enjoying practices.  Other developmental games will be played that will emphasize coordination, mobility, and social and cognitive skills.


Players should register for both Sandpoint Rec League and the Strikers Developmental Academy.

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