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From Craig Warner (Executive Director IYSA)


This is an important message regarding the ramifications of the new Federal Law that was introduced called the Safe Sport Act and it’s impact on our membership.  You may have seen a recent news story we ran on our website and social media regarding US Soccer implementing a new policy and handbook regarding this. You can find that article here 


The act  makes  all members of sport organizations under a National Governing Body (in our case US Soccer) mandated reporters if they see or hear about possible sexual assault or sexual abuse.  It also mandates that anyone in a position within an organization that is in frequent contact with minors be provided educated in how to recognize,  act upon and report information pertaining to assault or abuse. Failure to report something you heard is now considered a federal offence.   Due to the act still  being relatively new we have been given till this fall to be in compliance with the act. 


After further meetings at the US Soccer AGM a few weeks ago we are now able to enter the final stages of preparing materials in order to properly educate our members as to what will be required.  The materials will include videos, PowerPoints, policy changes etc. US Soccer contributed funds to the U.S. Center for  SafeSport organization who have developed an education module that is approximately 90 minutes long. At the very least all Coaches, Managers and Referees will be required to take that course. This certification will be good for 12 months after which it will require just a 30 minute refresher annually.  The education will be FREE to you and your members.  US Soccer has also produced their own informational website here


The SafeSport education is already available through the GotSoccer coach account and we have produced a short video on how to access that training that we will be releasing shortly so that you can get a jump on it right away.


I realize this represents a major undertaking for all of our members but please realize we are not alone. This has effected  everyone from US Youth Soccer, AYSO, US Club, SAY as well as a multitude of other sports organizations and sports including Swim, Football, Lacrosse, Basketball, Hockey etc.  


I think everyone will agree that child safety is and always will be the first priority for all of us.


If anyone has any questions please feel free to call or e-mail.



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