Sandpoint Strikers FC – 2020/2021 Season COVID-19 Protocol

Sandpoint Strikers FC is following the CDC and Panhandle Health with our COVID-19
guidelines for the 2020/2021 season. 

We will not have a daily waiver to sign this season.  We expect parents and players to
monitor their health.  Please stay home from training or games and report to your coach
and the DOC if you are sick. If a player tests positive in the club, we will follow the CDC
Guidelines for return to play and Panhandle Health for tracking.  Report any positive test
to your coach and the DOC.

Some steps that Sandpoint Strikers FC is taking to help protect our staff and players are
as follows:

  • Recommending (but not mandatory) mask wearing if social distancing cannot be maintained while not actively playing.

  • Once practice has started, no masks are necessary for players until end of practice (team talk).

  • For games, masks could be worn while on the bench if players are not able to sit apart.

  • Hand sanitizer is recommended to be used before and after play.

  • All pinnies should be washed after each training.

  • No handshakes, high fives, or contact outside normal play on the field.

  • As always, encourage players to have good hand hygiene and to keep hands away from their face.