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Sandpoint Soccer Association


Throughout the past three weeks, Strikers FC has been working diligently with BSN Sports to build a uniform package for the next two years. As of last weekend, we thought Nike had come through with an inventory commitment for the uniform package that was pictured in last weekend’s club announcement. Unexpectedly, Nike ended up not being able to meet our inventory needs. One particular issue was a backorder date that extended well into November.

So, what does this mean? Simple… instead of Nike we’re going with Under Armour (UA). Throughout this planning process, one of our top kit choices was from UA. The Strikers FC kit by UA is a high quality product that meets our price requirements and guarantees stock/inventory for a mid-August delivery. UA has been making waves in the soccer world sponsoring big name clubs like Tottenham Hotspur, Southhampton FC, and Aston Villa FC.

BSN Sports is currently setting up an online store for Strikers FC players and fans to order gear. The store should be up and running any day. Stay tuned for more information about uniforms, ordering, pricing, etc… Here’s a sneak peak at the UA Strikers FC kit sponsored by Kochava.