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Sandpoint Soccer Association

FALL 2017
Strikers Developmental  Program

The Strikers Developmental Program kicked off in the fall of 2015 with a goal to build a successful foundation of players that provides a pathway into competitive soccer and beyond.  Since our existence, we have formed five teams moving into the Strikers Competitive program.

SDP registration is open to ALL U8 (2010) and U9 (2009) boys and girls.

*Please register ONLY if your future goal is to participate in competitive soccer.

Program Benefits

Individual Player development!
  •  Put a focus back on the development of the individual player “player first” not team first.
  •  “Development is a marathon not a sprint.” In the SDP, Players are in an atmosphere that allows them to develop at “their” own pace.
  •  Maximize playing time and touches on the ball

Building a player base for the future
  • We want kids to have the opportunity to play as long as they choose. One of the major goals of the SDP is to obtain future numbers to help transition into our competitive and high school programs.

  • Cost: $145 per season includes uniform kit, local tournament and weekly training with Sandpoint Director of Coaching.  

This price point is between recreational and competitive soccer allowing families to transition gradually into competitive soccer.  Registration includes a uniform kit consisting of one pair of Black Club Adidas shorts and socks and two dry-fit t-shirts (one Red/one White).

  • No out of town travel for league play. There may be opportunities for exchanges/games/jamborees with clubs within the area

Tournament Participation
  • There will be no planned tournament play for U8 (2010) teams.  U9 (2009) players will participate in one local (fall) and one optional tournament (spring). In situations where numbers dictate a combined U8/U9 group, it will be the DOC’s decision whether or not it is in the best interest of the players to participate in any tournament.
  • Tournaments

1. Fall 2017:  In town Pend Oreille Cup Tournament (September 8th-10th)

*Team Tournament fee paid by club. Players play for free

2. Spring 2018:  (optional-additional tournament fees required) Out of town tournament. Hotshot Tournament, May 11-13th 2018 in Coeur d alene, ID.

3. A U8 (2010) team may be offered if the DOC believes it is in the best interest of the program.

Local Training and Games
  •  Players train in a pool twice a week (begins August 28th) and play in town games on Saturdays amongst themselves (Inter-squad).  Seasonal Games begin September 16th and end October 28th.
*Pend Oreille Cup is September 8-10th in Sandpoint.
  • Games will be facilitated by the Director of Coaching and additional coaches.

Weekly Training with Strikers Director of Coaching
  • The pool of players will work twice a week directly with the Sandpoint Strikers Director of Coaching, Rick Mullins. Rick has many years of experience and multiple licenses including a USSF National “A” license, National Youth License, and NSCAA Advanced National License.  He works in the Idaho Olympic Development Program and is an inductee into the Community Colleges of Spokane Hall of Fame.  Most of all, Rick takes pride in helping kids succeed on and off the field.
  • Training sessions will begin in late August and be an hour and 30 minutes in duration as recommended by the U.S Youth Soccer development model. Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:00-6:30pm at Travers Park.

Pool Size
  • The maximum amount of players currently allowed into the program at this time is 36 players. This may change seasonally.

Coach Education
  • The SDP is a great environment to develop new coaches. Coaches are highly encouraged to be a part of the program. Just as players need to develop, so do coaches. We need coaches for these players as they get older and want to continue to play. Coaches will also be needed to assist on game day. This is a perfect environment to improve as a coach. Coaching within small sided games is an essential tool to becoming a better coach. So, get involved! We would love to have you be part of this new program.

Small Sided Games
  • Small-sided games provide repeated game situations on both sides of the ball thus impacting the players in all four components of the game. Those demands of both the match and training sessions help young players improve for today and tomorrow. Further more, the small-sided game format has a positive influence on mental concentration and accordingly tactical transition. Physical fitness also improves as the game is always near the players, which demands direct player involvement frequently. Not only is fitness impacted by this fact, so is tactical mobility. Technique improves through repetition in the reality of game demands.
  • All Games will be 7 vs. 7 (including goalkeepers)
  • Substitutions on the fly means no stoppages and thus more playing time
  • Matches will consist of two 25 minute halves with a 5 min halftime

How to Register

“Play Early, Play Forever”
“I am Red!”