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Sandpoint Soccer Association

Pend Oreille Cup - 2017 Rules and Regulations


a. The Pend Oreille Cup is hosted by the Sandpoint Strikers FC, a member of the Idaho Youth Soccer Association.

b. The 2017 Sandpoint Strikers Pend Oreille Cup is scheduled to be held on September 8-10, 2017.

c. The registration deadline is August 28, 2017.

d. The tournament entry fee for the U8-U9 divisions is $350 (US) before the deadline and $400 after the deadline. The fee for the U10 division is $525 (US) before the deadline and $575 after the deadline. The fee for the U11-12 is $565 (US) before the deadline and $615 after the deadline. The fee for theU13-U15 is $595 (US) before deadline and $645 after the deadline. The entry fee must be submitted with the tournament entry form.

e. No refund of entry fee due to cancellations. If a team applies to the tournament and cancels before the deadline of registration, a refund will be granted minus a $75 administrative fee. If a team cancels after the registration deadline, no refund will be given.

f. The Tournament Director(s) will delegate areas of activity to special committees; e.g. scheduling, rules, etc.

g. Rules subject to change before final schedule is release to fit all games. Example: addition or subtraction of semi final games, even in brackets that say no semi final. If one can be added once teams register and fields are available, then one may be added to the bracket.


a. The Pend Oreille Cup shall be open to teams comprised of properly registered youth players affiliated with FIFA approved National Soccer Associations. All teams must have the appropriate tournament documents approved for participation. These may include: team roster signed by association registrar, player passes, birth certificates, medical releases and travel papers (if required). Each team is required to have on-site at all games the ability to provide, upon demand, acceptable proof of player’s age and a properly completed medical release for each player.

b. Players may be on only one team’s roster; in the event of conflict, the player will only be allowed to play with the team he or she is registered with for the current competitive year.

c. Each team is allowed three guest players which must be added to the team roster prior to or during team check-in.

d. Team rosters cannot exceed the following:

1. U8, U9 divisions – 16 players

2. U10, U11, and U12 divisions – 16 players

3. U13, U14, and U15 divisions – 18 players

e. The tournament committee reserves the right to accept or reject any team at its discretion. Teams not accepted will receive a full refund of their registration fee. Once accepted, teams that withdraw will not receive a refund of their registration fee.


a. Tournament headquarters will be at Travers Park in Sandpoint.

b. Teams must check in at least one hour prior to their first game.


a. Divisions shall be formed at the discretion of the tournament director.

b. U8 – U15 Divisions

1. U8 and U9 divisions will play 7-a-side.

2. U10 division will play 7-a-side.

3. U11 and U12 divisions will play 9-a-side.

4. U13 & older divisions will play 11-a-side.

5. A round-robin format shall be used, and division champions shall be determined by total points. In other divisions, a round robin format will be used in two different brackets, with the winners from each playing in the semifinal or championship game.

6. All teams will be scheduled for a minimum of three games.

7. Teams shall be awarded points for game results as follows:

1. Win: Three (3) points

2. Tie: One (1) point

3. Loss: Zero (0) points

4. For each red card that a team receives, it will lose one point from its point total in round robin play.

8. Forfeitures: A team not showing or not ready to play after a five-minute grace period will forfeit the game to the ready team. If both teams fail to show or are not ready to play following the five-minute grace period, zero points shall be recorded to both teams.

1. Forfeited games will be recorded as a 1-0 score. The tournament director has the authority to consider extenuating circumstances in determining whether forfeiture has occurred.

9. Medals will be given to first and second place teams in all age groups.


a. In order to play, teams shall have the minimum number of players on the field at the start of the game.

1. 7-a-side – five players

2. 7-a-side – five players

3. 9-a-side – six players

4. 11-a-side – seven players


a. In the event two or more teams are tied in points at the end of all games within a division, the following tie breakers shall be applied in order given:

1. Head-to-Head Results

2. Goal Differential (max 6 per game)

3. Total Goals Scored (max 6 per game)

4. Fewest Goals Allowed

5. Most Shutouts

6. Penalty Kick Shootout

7. One point will be subtracted per Red Card

b. Semifinal & championship games, if tied at the end of regulation play, shall be decided by a penalty kick shootout.

c. Penalty kick shootouts: Any five players may be chosen by the respective coaches. If the game is still tied after the first round of penalty kicks, a second separate set of players shall be chosen. The second round of penalty kicks shall be sudden death. Only players on the field at the end of the match may participate in the penalty kick shootout.


a. The coach or manager of each team must report to tournament headquarters at least 60 minutes prior to the scheduled start of their first game. Any player wearing an orthopedic device must report to the referee tent for approval prior to the start of each game. Hard and unyielding items (guards, casts, braces, etc.) on the hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, upper arm or shoulder must be padded with a closed-cell, slow-recovery forma padding no less than ½-inch thick.

b. Teams shall be on the same side of the field. Fans and supporters for a team must stay on the opposite side of the field from the teams that are playing. Coaches cannot go past the midfield line in front of the opponents half of the field to coach. Coaches and players must stand behind the white line that is five yards back from the sideline. This line allows the linesman to run unimpeded up and down the sideline. No persons are permitted behind the goals.

c. Each coach is responsible for the conduct of his/her team and sideline spectators. Lack of control may result in the coach receiving a yellow caution, red card game ejection, and/or disqualification from the tournament.

d. All teams must have a set of alternate jerseys in case of color conflict. The home team is responsible for wearing a contrasting color. The goal keeper must also have an alternate jersey.

e. The home shall provide three (3) game balls for the match. Size 4 for U8, U9, U10, U11 and U12, and Size 5 for U13, U14 and U15.

f. The home team will be the team listed first on the schedule.

g. Prior to the start of each scheduled game, each team must present to the referee the team’s player cards so that the team maybe checked into play, when asked by the referee to do so.

h. All games will be played according to the U.S.Y.S.A. Rules of Competition unless otherwise stated in these Sandpoint Strikers Pend Oreille Cup Tournament Rules. New this year is no heading the ball for U12 and below.

i. U8 – U10 Modified Law

1. The broken line in the opponent’s half represents the offside line.

2. Keeper’s punts from within their own penalty box may not cross the broken line in the opponent’s half on the fly. Penalty is an indirect free kick at the point the ball crossed the line.

3. At the taking of a goal kick the opposing team (the team not taking the goal kick) must withdraw beyond the broken line. They may not enter that area until the ball has been played by the player receiving the ball has touched it. At that time any opponent may cross that line.

j. The duration of the games will be as follows. The tournament director may adjust playing times as circumstances warrant. There is no stoppage time.

1. U8 - U9: 20 minute halves with a 5 minute half-time.

2. U10 - U12: 25 minute halves with a 5 minute half-time.

3. U13 - U15: 30 minute halves with a 5 minute half-time.

k. For all age groups, free substitution is allowed. Substitutions may be made, with the consent of the referee, during any stoppage in play.

l. The goalkeeper six-second rule will be in effect.

m. In case of inclement weather or fields conditions, games may:

1. Be shortened

2. Go to FIFA penalty kicks

3. Be canceled (if stopped during game and restart is not possible, game will be reported with score at time of stoppage.)

n. In the event of an unusual circumstance that results in significant loss of game time, the lost game time may be rescheduled at the discretion of the Tournament Director. The rescheduling of the lost game time is subject to field availability. An example of an unusual circumstance would be a major injury to a player, which prevented the use of the playing field or extreme weather which forces the closing of the park. The Tournament defines a significant loss of game time as more than half of the game. Any accumulation of time delays due to minor/moderate injuries to several players would not constitute an unusual circumstance nor will these delays be considered lost game time. An accumulation of time delays resulting from the normal course of a game will not be considered lost game time.


a. Infraction or violation of Tournament Rules may result in any of the following penalties:

1. Ineligibility of a player or team from tournament play

2. Forfeiture of game or games

3. Return of trophies or medals

4. Revocation of titles

b. If the referee abandons the game, the final score will remain as it is at the time of the abandonment. If abandonment occurs solely to the misconduct of one team, that team shall forfeit the game.

c. Any player receiving three yellow cards during tournament games will be required to sit out the next tournament game following the game in which he/she received the third yellow card.

d. Any player receiving a red card ejection will sit out the next scheduled tournament game.

e. A player receiving a second ejection (red card) will be prohibited from competing in additional tournament games.

f. A coach who receives two yellow cards or a red card ejection during the tournament must sit out of the next game. Teams that fail to abide by these rules will be banned from further competition.


a. Referees are responsible for reporting the match results, cautions, and ejections to the tournament headquarters. Referees will turn in a completed scorecard to the tournament headquarters within 15 minutes of the game ending.

b. Both coaches are required to review and sign the final scorecard before leaving the field of play.

c. It is the teams’ responsibility to verify the match results, cautions, and ejections reported to the tournament headquarters. Any discrepancy in the information recorded must be disputed within one hour of the game ending. If the game is the last scheduled game of the day, disputes must be made within one hour after the start of first scheduled game the next day. Changes will only be allowed after validation and agreement by either both teams’ coaches or the center referee for the game.

d. At the tournament director’s discretion, a referee may provide the above information to the field marshal assigned to the playing field rather than the tournament headquarters at the end of the game. The field marshal will then be responsible to provide the required information and scorecard to the tournament headquarters.


a. No protests can or will be accepted. All decisions by the referee are final.


a. All players must wear shin guards and soccer cleats.

b. All players must keep their socks pulled up to their knees and over their shin guards.